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There is something about creating beautiful things, experiencing new emotions and writing with your hand. It makes you think on a deeper level. So we began developing a new name - Paper & K.O is my new work, a plan , a little something where to realize dreams and other plans.  But the message is much more serious. I was still confused what kind of people I would attract, what would I know. And then I had to be true to myself - women. Of course, I know something about them, about us so


This is a very feminine and romantic beginning. Because we believe in writing. We believe that notebooks can’t solve problems, but they are a good start. It is true that writing by hand makes you think on a deeper level. Writing by hand benefits us on so many levels. Creativity and deeper thinking. That's how ideas come alive. It's about us - women, who have so many thoughts and we continuously live with them on our minds. So combining a basic pleasure with a need to put it out and a beautifully designed paper goods - we have created a place where all of it comes to reality. Paper & K.O is the very beginning. And you can come together with us to see how we grow, what experiences can we share and explore new possibilities for women to write and make it matter. We want to build something to empower women to write. To let those thoughts and ideas come alive.


Paper & K.O

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