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Moments of Mine Planner & Diary 2018 is a special gift from our screenwriter  Kate Ozolina to all the creators of beautiful moments .


"I was on a mission to create the perfect planner. It had to be elegant, beautiful, artistic and be a combination of a planner and a diary. I gave it many white pages next to our daily plans and schedules to be free. To create, write, draw and just be yourself. To have freedom of creativity. That is what I had in mind when designing this planner and putting a story behind it. Most importantly I wanted to inspire to do more. To take control of your time. 


I am passionate about classical values and it had to be an important part of Moments of Mine. And now it has everything you need not to get lost in time. It is simply yours and you are free to create your own beautiful moments. Live your life by your own rules. And instead of following famous inspirational quotes, how about creating your own.."

If you believe in the art of taking control of your time, you are more than welcome to order Moments of Mine planner & Diary and inspire yourself to bring out the best version of your year 2018.


We will send you all the information regarding order options and specifications you are interested in or just chat with us instantly.

Paper & K.O


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