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Augmented Body

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

The project research explores boundaries of lens based medium, looking for manipulation possibilities and finding related connections with Muybridge practice movement analyses. Practically it displays how to construct a human body movement by using digital tools.

Visual material has been reassembled and processed in a software, the result is a fast moving image sequence that shows a movement which is corrupted by software, in a way representing deformed time and body move. It is yet another way of manipulating reality, another way of experiencing reality by using these contemporary tools.

The piece was exhibited in Boerhaave Museum exhibition "Augmented Bodies" in Leiden. The work discuss the promise of the body and how it can be interpreted. The portrait is enhanced with a virtual layer. The hidden augmented world of the work is revealed when a smartphone or tablet is directed at the printed portrait. On the digital screen the hidden reality unfolds engaging the spectator and resulting in a strong connection with the work.

Thanks to: Paolo Yao

Format: photography, interactive video

Video: 1'20'' 2012

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